Who we are

VOXOA’s foundations date back to 1964, when the company was focused on a construction economics business.
Its move into consulting was made to integrate skills, complementing our existing offering while maintaining and enhancing the technical and financial expertise we had gained to that point.

This is how our experience was built and why today we are proud of our notable references related to both the financial, technical, administrative and legal management of building projects, and the science and technology applied in the built environment.

Today, VOXOA’s offer covers the following professional activities: consulting; urban and architectural programming; technical, financial and overall cost assessment; auditing and training; project management and construction supervision.

Our goal for your projects: to provide you with an overall vision, including the knowledge, precision and rigour essential for their success.
Based in Lyon, VOXOA also has an office in Paris, which today has a team of around 20 people with complementary profiles.


Aware of the significance of the challenges related to the projects we are involved in and the complexity of the world in which we operate, VOXOA works on a daily basis in a spirit of social, societal and environmental commitment and provides concrete answers for its employees and the society around it.


Social responsibility


Because we believe that the solutions implemented in our projects are continually evolving and that we must therefore always provide new solutions, at VOXOA, we have placed innovation at the heart of our development plans.

To do this, we focus on information sharing, feedback, and training for our employees, all of which allows us to build on our experience in deploying and implementing these new solutions in our operations. We also have a system, used on a daily basis, to enable us to be forward-looking and provide a technological and legal watch.

Our mindset? As a fundamental part of our approach, we encourage our employees to be creative, audacious, daring, to create added value by exchanging ideas and opinions with the various stakeholders involved in a project.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the perfect example. BIM undeniably improves the quality of our work and our operations. We have therefore structured ourselves to integrate BIM into our digital methods (our employees’ skills, information technology and solutions). VOXOA is currently involved in several activities carried out using BIM (in consulting, operations management and programming).

At the same time, we are also investigating other innovation projects that address topics such as the industrialisation of building work, sustainable development and the technical management of the operation and maintenance of buildings.

Our team is made up of men and women with varied personal and professional backgrounds. They are our most valuable assets, our lifeblood. We are aware that the issue of finding a purpose and pleasure at work is paramount. We therefore focus all our attention on enabling them to develop, by guaranteeing them the means to participate in creating added value within VOXOA.

The feeling of “living an adventure” is the managerial leitmotif that we adhere to daily through autonomous working, information sharing, trust and training.

As the keystone of a successful project, quality has over time become the differentiation criterion for our clients. We have therefore made it a requirement, a discipline that we care about every day.

Our “quality” approach is reflected in the introduction of tools and operational methods aimed at making project management more effective and more efficient. We apply a performance control protocol that is built on the basis of exchanges with the contracting client, users and construction partners. Its objective is to define the points of vigilance from the start of the project until its delivery. These milestones are planned, monitored and acted upon.

ISO 9001 certified, VOXOA also has the OPQTECC qualification awarded to construction economists and architectural programmers, a guarantee of performance and proof of professional recognition. This certification, reviewed and renewed every four years, guarantees our clients receive skills and expertise in line with their expectations and requirements in the field.

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